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Strife Between The Forces of Good and Evil
Strife between the forces of Good and Evil has been constant since the beginning of time. 

When the last hour of the last day has passed, all Souls will know this "battle of the ages" was set in array by God Himself.  "I make peace.  I create evil.  I form the light.  I create darkness.  I, the LORD, do all these things.  Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness: let the earth open, and let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together; I the LORD have created it. (Isaiah chapter 45, verse 7)

Here on planet Earth where atomic flesh spins, the living Soul is hardly capable of clearly visualizing the character of its present predicament.  Trying to understand its place in an overwhelming universe, every living Soul is bombarded with a dark confusion of  mysticism, spiritualism, witchery, sorcery, science, politics, and religion of all kinds (including modern "christianity") .  Without God Himself intervening, spiritual confusion is bound to reign.

Evil prince Lucifer disguises his hatred of God in many ways.  His disguises are fashioned on Earth through attitudes, opinions, and beliefs that mankind brings to life. 

Mankind (male and female) has an insatiable fascination with the supernatural forces of good and evil.  The evil of prince Lucifer's present dominion in the flesh structure of mankind is no illusion. 

The fact that Father-God allows Satan's evil dominion to exist is not a "religious proposition."  Nor is there anything "religious" about the fact that the once-mighty Seraph, Lucifer, is now being systematically destroyed.  The painstaking work of this systematic destruction touches realms-of-being that are intangible through any sense of human flesh.  

Almighty God made an earthy manifestation of Himself in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth.  The "christian religion" that sprang up around the history of this man has gone the way of all religion:  rife with corruption, chicanery, and con-men.

In condemning (and rightly so) the sodomistic perversity of modern "christianity" more than a few people are being snookered by evil prince Lucifer's clever employment of emotions and desires of the flesh which cannot affect the Soul at all unless the Soul begins to believe that God Himself is causing these perversities of religion to occur.  God is the first cause and creator of all things.  In the Earth and its universe God presently Countenances every choice made in the world of men.  God does not make choices for people.  God allows people to choose whatever they will.  Some choose evil.  Some choose rebellion.  Some choose atheism.  But for good or evil, everyone chooses.  The present world of mankind has been built by the hands of men, not God, one choice at a time.  

The Christ of God is not about "religion."  The Christ of God is the manifestation of God Himself in the presence of men.  God did not come down to the Earth to make religious slaves of mankind.  God came to make a clear demonstration of His Sovereign Authority over all things.  "All power and authority in heaven and earth are given to me of my Father.  When you have seen me, you have seen the Father."

The rebellious Seraph, Lucifer, took his dominion in human flesh with a device called "a lie."  The first lie ever told in the atmosphere of planet Earth was a dirt-simple absurdity:  knowledge of good a evil will make gods of mankind.

Fascination with the supernatural forces of good and evil has come down to this day.  Until the destruction of prince Lucifer and his dominion is total, Lucifer will continue deceiving unwary Souls and disguising his hatred of God deep in the emotions and desires of his arcane deceptions.

This page was created on December 31st 2002.