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The Etcetera of Death
Making the choice to "believe in God" or not to "believe in God" is an exercise in the sovereignty of freewill.  A living Soul exercising freewill utilizes the power of choice.  No Soul of sound mind and passionate heart is ever exempt from the spiritual laws enforced by the power of choice.  The destiny of every living Soul is determined by choices each Soul makes in its journey between the womb and the grave...and beyond.  No choice is greater in consequence than the choice every Soul must make:  to trust in, or, not to trust in the Living God.  

"The night is far spent.  The day is at hand..." 
The long night of woe in the human cosmos has been a grim experience with brilliant flashes of hope, love, and peace interspersed.  The human experience of life on planet Earth has been a struggle to avoid    Pain.  Suffering.  Disease.  Slavery.  Afflictions.  Oppressions.  Cruelty.  Torture.  Famine.  War.  Terror.  These and other etcetera of death are not standard in God's Eternal Kingdom.  The confusion of Death in the earthly existence of a living Soul was never meant to last forever.

Two-thousand years ago, the living God made a manifestation of Himself in the form of a human being and proved the infallibility of His power over Death.  A Soul-in-flesh on planet Earth can think of a thousand-million interesting questions and arguments to postpone the necessity of making a choice about God-in-Christ-Jesus-of-Nazareth.  Fidelity to the living God in Christ is a thoughtful, willingly made, cultivated choice.  Popular fashion divorces the supernatural power of faithful trust from the Father's Christ-Spirit manifestation of Himself in this world:   Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus of Nazareth said, "When you have seen me, you have seen the Father."  It is a simple, absolutely conclusive statement-of-fact.  The fact is spiritual;  the fact is supernatural; and the fact is that every Soul on Earth must choose whether to believe it or not.  This choice can be pooh-poohed and postponed for an entire lifetime.  When the day of Death arrives, the living Soul is parted from its old body of atomic flesh.  A earthly lifetime of ignorance, insincerity, and cowardice engendered by "an evil heart of unbelief" is consumed in an instant.  What then?  How a Soul fares from that instant forward is, as it always has been, between that Soul and God Alone.    

The choice now is to believe it or not while remembering this ancient warning:  "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.'"
This page was created on May 4th 2003.