In all-out war, temporary advantages of political expediency should not be confused with the ancient concept of Victory. 

Emperor Allah
A scant half-century ago, the Army of Japan was committed to the "last man" concept of making war against Western Civilization.  Loss of life and the ruin of Japanese culture didn't matter.  The Japanese military machine ran on the fuel of religious fervor.  Japanese soldiers were suicidal in their commitment to their Emperor. 

The military faction of Islam is similar in its bloody commitment to Allah.   The Emperor of Islam is Allah.  And for Allah, the armies of Islam will fight to the last man.  No carefully crafted diplomatic negotiation will stop them or turn them from their mission.  Their mission is to subdue all people to the law and the caprice of Emperor Allah.

Since September 11th 2001, there has been a subtle undercurrent of   appeasement   flowing from Western nations toward the Armies of Islam.  There are more than a few political leaders of Western Civilization who strongly believe that the overwhelming military might of the United States should not be used to subdue the zealous armies of Islam. 

Less than sixty years ago, a soft-spoken haberdasher from Missouri spent God-knows how many sleepless nights trying to decide whether or not the overwhelming military power of the United States should be used to end the insanity of the Japanese military's zeal for war to the last man.  

The haberdasher (President Harry Truman) decided to use overwhelming force.  Thousands of lives were lost in an instant of time.  Those lives should not be compared with lives that were spared.  Those dead died not in vain.  Without the haberdasher's courage to act, it is not inconceivable to imagine the conflict of WWII continuing into this day.  

Politics in all-out war are brutally simple and the armies of Islam are fighting an all-out war.  The Islamic armies of Emperor Allah are absolutely committed to the "last man" concept of warfare.  The armies of Emperor Allah march under a black flag...the universally accepted military signal for "no prisoners taken, no quarter asked for or given."

The price of Liberty in this old world is paid in blood. Western citizens ought to be more respectful of the  blood-price already paid for Constitutional Liberty an be committed to unconditional Victory over the religio-fascist armies of Islam.  

Whatever that Victory takes, is what it takes.  Anything less is an embarrassing exercise in futile rhetoric.

This page was created on December 10th 2002