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The Doom of Nothing
It is not a threat; it is a promise when Jesus of Nazareth says, "Without me, you can do nothing." 

The powerlessness of humanity is especially evident in humanity's inability to comprehend the necessity of facing spiritual facts.

The living Soul is a spiritual creature.  The living Soul of humanity is a created thing.  The carcass of atomic flesh is also a created thing.  But the carcass has no life in itself.  The Soul, i.e., the Breath of God is the life that quickens the atomic carcass.  When the last breath of a Soul-in-flesh expires, the carcass becomes a corpse.

Before the carcass' last breath on Earth rattles, the experience of living on planet Earth offers many opportunities for God's enlightenment through His Christ-Spirit. 

Despite contrary arguments of earthly theology, philosophy, and science, God's eternal Spirit is the mode of the Father's creative purposes.  When the Earth was without form and void of life, the Spirit of God indeed did brood over the face of the waters.  

Every thing that exists in the Earth-universe was produced by, and is sustained now by the continuing Presence of God through His Spirit.  Any idea at variance with God as the Creator and Sustainer of all things is a lie.  Embracing lies about Almighty God is a flirtation with doom.

The great Spirit of God Himself is Personified in the Christ of God.  God Himself walked the Earth in the form of a man.  To this day that man is called by the name Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus said, "When you have seen me, you have seen the Father."

Religious leaders of old Jerusalem were enthralled by their "religion."  They were ignorant and blind to the fact that God Himself was walking among them.  The God-man was, and is, Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus had a head, a pair of legs and feet, two arms and hands, teeth, hair, skin, eyes, a brain, a pair of lungs, and a beating heart to animate all the other stuff it takes to get a human body up and running.  

If God can't be a man, who can?   Jesus of Nazareth was (and is) God-incarnate.  The religious leaders of old Jerusalem hated Him.  They called Him "a winebibber and a glutton."  They conspired to murder Him and did.  Many today hold the name of Jesus in similar contempt. 

Referring with particular concern to the shame and disgrace of His impending ordeal, Jesus says up-front:  "No man takes my life from me.  I lay it down, willingly.  The Father has given the Son power to lay down His life and to take it up again."

Wait a minute!  Who's the Father?  Who's the Son?  First Jesus says He's the Father.  Then He says He's the Son.  Which is it?  Nobody can be two different people at the same time.  That's impossible!

God is not a "people."  God is God.  God can "be" whomever or whatever He chooses.  To think otherwise is at least disrespectful.  

God is serious about Life and Death.  He has gone to great lengths here on Earth to prove His Sovereign right and power to treat Life and Death as He will.  People who doubt the Sovereignty of God do so at their own peril.

"Without me, you can do nothing" is no threat.  It's an iron-clad, rock-solid, supernatural  promise.  Whether anyone on Earth to-day knows it or believes it makes no difference in this matter of spiritual fact.  

History proves that, in time, the greatest works of mankind dissolve into dust.  The greatest works of man eventually amount to nothing.  Without God's intervention, living on planet Earth can be nothing but a cynical experience of increasing terror and despair.  

A living Soul in its carcass of atomic flesh is possessed of certain supernatural gifts, not the least of which are intelligence, insight, and the never-ending impetus to be "creative."  

Things that God has given, are given.  In the space of time that is given to everyone between the cradle and the grave, there are innumerable opportunities given to turn from the reasoned ignorance and/or religious traditions of mankind.  

It takes courage to even think seriously about God as He Is without resorting to scientific jingoism and/or the religious traditions of mankind.  The power to exercise courage is one of the gifts God has bestowed upon the people of this old world.  There is no one on Earth more courageous than God Himself.  By His own Word, it is His "good pleasure" to strengthen His courage wherever He finds it.

In the existence of every living Soul on Earth to-day, the exercise of courage begins with an honest choice.  "Without me, you can do nothing."

This page was created on June 12th 2002
Edited: 17June2005.