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Desire in The Cosmos of Mankind
The lens of human flesh focuses certain desires upon the living Soul.  Every living Soul-in-flesh feels the concentrated heat of the flesh lens' focus.  The heat of human desire is immeasurable.  The effect of desire-power over the Soul of mankind is irrefutable.  Human life on planet Earth today is a crazy-quilt of conflicting, confusing desire. 

Desires remain secret in a human life until the choice is made to act on the impulse created by a desire.  Transformation of desire into action is sometimes sudden, sometimes delayed.  In every human life, transformation of desire from the realm of the invisible into articulated action is accomplished through the flesh.  Immeasurable, invisible desires seek satisfaction in the realm of flesh.  No desire of man is ever fully satisfied.  Desires are a strange brew of good and evil.

Here in year 2003 of this present Age, human society is a gathering whirlwind of unbridled desire.  Desire itself is becoming the "god" of many.  Anarchies of desire will not be stopped by armies of police.  The resolution and peace of all human desire was (and is) accomplished in God's manifestation of Himself as a man-on-Earth in the form called Jesus of Nazareth.  The rectification of anarchistic desire in humanity is accomplished, now, one Soul at a time:  "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."  To choose the rectification of Christ is not a choice of "religion."  It is a choice of survival.

Theology, philosophy, religion, and science along with all the ingenuity there is in human culture will never be powerful enough to explain or mitigate impulse-driven behaviour.  Police and imprisonment may seem to slow the pace, but today there are more than a few who feel the raw fear of global anarchy gnawing at their tattered peace-of-mind.  The end of this Age will not be a utopia of humanistic peace and harmony.  These days will end in a storm of desire.  The precedent of this coming storm occurred first in the days of Noah.

This page was created on February 10th 2003.