Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

The Secret of Death
The knowledge of good and evil has produced the field of cynicism and death now choking the garden of God's goodness in this presently good-and-evil cosmos of flesh.

The living Soul quickens a body of atomic flesh.  In this present cosmos of flesh, the living Soul is bound to exist for a time.  Animate Soul gives movement and meaning to inanimate flesh.  Absent the Soul, bodies of flesh fall down dead.  In this old world, the phenomenon of Death is a certain supernatural fact.

The existence of every living thing on Earth is terminated by Death.  The shock and grief caused by a visit from Death can be modified with a practical appreciation for the essentially spiritual character of Life (and Death) Itself.

There are plenty of people who will say that without positive, scientific "proof," there is no way to be certain that "death" is supernatural or that the living Soul of mankind exists.  

Believe it or not.  Human opinion does not alter spiritual facts.  Death is a spiritual phenomenon and the living Soul is an entirely spiritual being.  The atomic flesh of a human body is no less spiritual than the Soul in its origin.  But the flesh is corrupted with the knowledge of good and evil.  Death in the Earth-cosmos is caused now by this once-forbidden spiritual knowledge.

Now, the moment of Death for every thing  living on Earth is appointed.  Exercise, diet-counseling, drugs, and exotic surgeries are reflective of mankind's attempts to live better and longer in this world of Death.  But the decay and decrepitude of flesh-death eventually put an end to the old body of atomic flesh.  The simple, spiritual facts of the matter are easy to tell and difficult to believe.  The difficulty human creatures have in understanding and believing the factuality of spiritual facts has no effect on the veracity of the facts themselves.

On the moment of this writing in this presently good-and-evil cosmos of Death-cursed flesh, there are modern citizens (numbering in the millions?) who sincerely believe that the Hebrew/Christian Biblical record of how "the knowledge of good and evil" came to Earth is a simplistic bit of purely religious novelty.  Great numbers of people have come to believe that The Story of Adam and Eve is a quaint literary example of man's timeless struggle against a horrifying universe of pitiless happenstance wherein the monstrous "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" have their way with all creatures great and small.  In the modern view, everyone and everything must die but no one is quite sure why it must be so.  Nothing short of spiritual catastrophe will jolt the obdurate and spiritually ignorant Soul from its doldrums.

Where the Soul goes after Death is a Secret.  A Secret is something known only to one (1) man and God Alone.  The Secret of Death is eventually discovered by every living Soul.

Thinking and talking about "death" makes lots of people uncomfortable.  Many people spend their lifetimes on Earth working hard to convince themselves that there is "nothing" after Death.  These hapless folks manufacture their passionate convictions and theories of a godless universe from the fruff of visceral terror woven into the atomic flesh with the profane spiritual thread-work known as the knowledge of good and evil.  

Popular convictions of a godless universe are disguised as "intellectual honesty" and "rational thinking."  But there is nothing either rational or honest in claiming that Life and Death are anything other than what they actually are:  spiritual experiences occurring in a universe of (so-called) electromagnetic energy wherein the essential factors of "electromagnetism" are, in fact, every bit as invisible and mysterious as the living Soul itself.

No amount of fanciful philosophy and/or science can ever fully disguise the terrible loneliness of a Soul withering away in the heat of its own self-enforced ignorance.

Every Soul living on planet Earth today has an opportunity to learn more about life and death from the Master of Creation who is personified on Earth (at present) in the man-form known as Jesus of Nazareth a.k.a. The Christ of God.

It is a wasteful shame that, in 2000 fleeting years, the practical necessity of God's Christ on Earth has been ballyhooed down, down, down into a gibberish of denominational religious jive.  The Christ-man did not endure the rigors of this good-and-evil cosmos to start a new "religion."  He came down here to clean up a mess of spiritual ignorance and misunderstanding that now reigns throughout the Earth and its universe.  

Death is a form of punishment but it is not the ultimate form.  The punishment of Death will not last forever.  The misunderstanding and confusion caused by the knowledge of good and evil will be cleared away.  Whatever God the Father and Creator intends to teach the living Soul after its journey through this world is finished will be taught in another way and without the pain, confusion, shame, and death caused by the fatal and presently universal knowledge of good and evil.

This page was created on June 16th 2003.