"Outrageous confessions from a regenerated dead man."

The Cynic's View
At this writing in June 2002, those who make academic ballyhoo for a godless universe are convinced by "scientific evidence" that God Himself (a.k.a. Jesus of Nazareth) cannot possibly exist.

Modern western-culture-concepts of "god" were forged in the Celtic mind by the heat of fiery thoughts contained in writings called The Holy Scriptures.  The Holy Scriptures begin as the invisible, almighty God creates heaven and earth.  The Holy Scriptures conclude with the invisible, almighty God appearing in Person on planet Earth in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth.  According to the Revelation in chapter 19, this Jesus also has a name written that "no man knew but he Himself."

Scientifically speaking, Jesus of Nazareth executes "spooky action-at-distance."  Without lifting a finger, Jesus of Nazareth transformed many gallons of plain water into delicious wine.  In one remarkable instance, Jesus of Nazareth stood away from the stench of His dead friend Lazarus' tomb and called the dead man's name.  To the amazement of the on-looking crowd, Lazarus walked from his tomb in 4-day old grave-clothes.  Jesus of Nazareth healed terrible diseases and corrected congenital deformities with a word or a touch.  Jesus of Nazareth calmed the wind and the waves of a stormy sea with these words:  "Peace.  Be still."  There is no element of the Earth or the skies that Jesus of Nazareth did not command-and-control with faultless precision.

Jesus of Nazareth was (and is) God-incarnate.  No amount of revision or denial can alter the actual history and influence of His Incarnation.  As time passes, human memory of past events gets fuzzy and uncertain.  At the remove of 2000 years' time, it's easy to conjure up logical-sounding reasons for why the Being of God in Christ is "impossible!"  Especially so since there is only One God and billions of people to argue against His existence.  

Where God Himself is concerned, the logical, reasonable numerical superiority of human argument against His Existence is ludicrous and meaningless.  God is God.

A cynic's view of human fallibility contributes to popular disregard for the living God, His Christ and His Spirit.  The cynics rant goes something like this:  "Everyone knows that nobody's perfect; everyone knows that everyone tells lies; everyone knows that life on Earth is dog-eat-dog; everyone is an animal whether they admit or not.  Humans are clever animals; nothing more nothing less."  

That kind of cynicism is an old, old poison.  The sardonic grins and bitter humors of cynicism disguise the creeping decay of Soul-destruction.  Cynicism is poison to the Soul.  The poison of cynicism now floods the Earth's atmosphere.  

There are elements of life and living on planet Earth that must be considered as they are:  spiritual, intangible, immeasurable, absolutely personal.  The cynic's view distorts the spiritual, supernatural facts of life.  The cynic's view reduces God Himself to a puff of smoke exhaled with a profane oath.

There is unshakable hope to be found in the Christ of God but the cynic's view denies it.  There is immaculate peace in the Christ of God but the cynic's view denies it.  There is the way of life and truth in the Christ of God but the cynic's view denies it.  In the cynic's view, the very idea of "religion" in any form is repulsive.  Cynicism causes a kind of blindness that prevents the cynic from understanding:  there is nothing particularly "religious" about God, His Christ, or His Spirit.  The Almighty needs no "religion" to be Himself.  Why should He?  Religion is not only "an opiate of the masses," it also provides grist for the cynic's mill.  Haughty spiritual pride is a form of blindness often caused by the many forms of humanistic religion.  The spiritual pride and self-righteous disdain common to many of the devotees of mere religion has quite the same effect on a living Soul as the blindness of cynicism.  It's not too nice when your Soul is lost.

This page was created on June 18th, 2002.