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There is no possible way that a living Soul in flesh will ordinarily and easily begin to comprehend its own status as a spiritual entity existing in a (so-called) "material world."   Something dramatic has to happen first.  What a Soul's "drama" of enlightenment might be is impossible to predict until it happens.  Those Souls who have been transformed through the enlightenment of God by His Christ-Spirit are proof-on-the-ground of drama in the Soul.  The transformation of a Soul from the Death into the Life is, unquestionably, one of the most mysterious happenings that ever takes place in human culture on planet Earth.

God Himself walked the ground of Earth in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus of Nazareth is the most extraordinary individual ever to exist in human history.  The unqualified certainty of the Christ-man's unique character is an affront to the powers-that-be in, (and of), this present cosmos of flesh.  Jesus of Nazareth said things and did things that have no precedent anywhere except in the tribal history of ancient Israel.

The beginnings of Israel as a tribal nation is detailed in the sixteenth chapter of prophet Ezekiel.  God Himself took an outcast bit of nearly dead human flesh and raised it back to prosperous life.  In His Christ-manifestation, God made it clear that His intention toward all people has always been merciful.  But people are like children and, like children, hardly (if ever) see past the storm of emotions and desires that rages in the bodies where they are bound to live for a time.  On the hour of this writing in July 2003, there are millions of living Souls who are vehement in their denial of their own existence.  If God does not exist, then the Soul does not exist, and existence itself is what...?  A monumental accident of happy circumstance that just so happened to pop out of no-where?

The living Soul in today's world is hard-pressed in every passing instant with messages, images, and information-in-general that builds up and supports the secular, god-neutral view of existence in the Earth-universe.  The spiritual facts of existence are given short shrift and played down into any one of several merely "religious" contexts.  The three biggies today are Judaism, Christianity, and Allahism (followers of Mohammed).

Religion is the bane of "the way, the truth, and the life" that God revealed in Himself as the Christ-man, Jesus of Nazareth.  The Christ-man did not come into the Earth to start a new "religion."  He came down here to clean up a mess of corruption that began long ago and proceeds into the hour of this writing.  The present Age is now (give-or-take) about two-thousand Earth-years in extent.  The corruption that the Christ-man began to clean up has proceeded in the flesh-cosmos and is familiar to all.  It's called DEATH!

The mass-information is clever in its pointed ignorance of Death.  Death is most certainly a supernatural event experienced by every living Soul who comes to Earth from between the feet of a woman.  But the ways of the powers that be and the ways of the cosmos in flesh make it quite easy and convenient for every Soul to simply ignore the certainty of their own moment of Death.  Such ignorance begins early in childhood and is re-enforced from the cradle to the grave.

God has never meant for the human race to become pre-occupied with Death.  Over the years, there have been many "cults of death" whose horrible practices are frightening.

No doubt, Death is mighty scary.  It's probably the scariest single thing that can happen to a Soul in flesh.  But the moment of Death is not the end of existence for a living Soul.  It's a transition from one kind of existence into another kind of existence.  The Christ-man displayed some of the more dramatic effects of this transition.  His displays are detailed in a book called The Holy Bible.

The simplicity of the present situation is clouded with all kinds of spiritual confusion.  There are lots of people today who consider themselves "spiritual" but the mess of humanistic religious practice keeps such folk from actually worshipping "in Spirit and in truth."  The mess of religion, the mass of spiritually ignorant information, and the pointed ignorance that most people apply to their own inevitable moment of Death:  these three fields of influence keep more than a few Souls in chains of nameless fears and chronic after day after day.  For how long? 

Something dramatic must happen before a living Soul can "snap out of it" and begin to see the essentially spiritual character of itself in an essentially spiritual predicament.  The living Soul is a spiritual life-form having an experience of its existence in a form of life that is certainly no less spiritual in origin but somewhat less spiritual in character, owing to the corruption and Curse of Death brought on by the knowledge of good and evil.

Something dramatic must happen.  The historical details of how this spiritual drama has unfolded thus far are written in books kept in libraries all over the world.  The stories and people's opinions about the stories of "god" in every culture add fuel to the fires of spiritual ignorance that burn now in the hearts and minds of more than a few Souls.

For example, there may be a few who read the words of this brief article and are momentarily intrigued by the thoughts presented here.  But these subjects are large, ancient, and difficult.  And the demands of human existence on Earth today are increasingly oppressive in their legal requirements.  People always "want what they want when they want it."  Satisfaction of ancient spiritual yearning is no different.  A Soul might be reading these words right now, thinking:  "OK, you're right about that much at least.  I have always thought that being alive is more spiritual than material.  But I don't have time to do all the research and all that other stuff.  Can't you give me a quick lesson and let me get on with my other business in this world?"

That's where a lot of people are getting fouled up.  The Christ-man is God-incarnate.  He troubled Himself to take upon Himself one of these dead-ass bodies of dying flesh and learn, firsthand, about the potential (of Himself) that He set free in the living Soul species.  Now that He has made a way for Himself, He has declared it to be "His good pleasure to give the kingdom" to those Souls who (somehow) manage to get their vision focused on something besides the storm of emotion and desire that rages incessantly within the heart and mind of the Soul-construct.  The fact is, God Himself is fully prepared to give any living Soul who is willing to take it the most dramatic experience of existence that any Soul could ever hope to experience in this presently good-and-evil world.  There is nothing run-of-the-mill about it.  The experience of every living Soul who decides to trust God is guaranteed to  be unique.  That's probably what puts more than a few people off...everybody likes to think they are "unique" until the uniqueness of their own being gets illuminated and the spirituality of Life Itself becomes apparent.  When the drama of existence gets that close, more than a few people find themselves preferring the comfortable, familiar experiences of this decaying, dying old world.

This page was created on July 7th 2003.