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Lies and Cowardice in The Cosmos of Flesh
The Curse of Death was pronounced over all the flesh in this old world because the first male and female of the adam-species did not resist misusing the power of freewill.  

The male-and-female Soul of the adam-species now hangs in the balance between life and death.

Corruption of lies and shame of cowardice have been inseparable from the human condition since time began.  Time began when lies and cowardice gained a place in the cosmos of flesh through the knowledge of good and evil.  Understanding of this event begins with the supernatural action of willpower.  

In all the world of space and time, one and only one individual of the adam-species has successfully traversed this cosmos of  flesh and overcome the Curse of Death in the process.  That individual is God-incarnate a.k.a. the Christ of God a.k.a. Jesus of Nazareth.  

Some people believe that a supreme deity would never stoop to make Himself appear as an ordinary-looking man.  Some believe that ideas about any "god" of any kind are fantastic foolishness.  

Today it is common to think Jesus of Nazareth is a "religious leader."  

Lies and cowardice give a tiresome similarity into every kind of religion and  religious behaviour regardless of its deity or its doctrine.  Endemic cowardice causes many well-intentioned people to seek comfort in the illusions of clever lies.

This page was created on November 24th 2002.
Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist