Cosmos of Suspense:  The Tree of Life and The Knowledge of Good and Evil  In one terrible instant, the supernatural knowledge of good and evil brought a tragic field of awareness into the once-untroubled existence of the living Soul species.  Prior to its rebellious misappropriation of this powerful knowledge, the living Soul-in-flesh was untroubled; at peace with itself and its Creator.  

Nowadays the supernatural knowledge of good and evil is universal in its corruptive effects.  God has Cursed this corruption with Death.  There is no particle in the Earth or its universe untouched by the Curse of Death.  The evil influence of the First Lie has been proven:  knowledge of good and evil has not made Souls-in-flesh godlike.  It has made a corpse of all flesh.  Graves dotting Earth are clear evidence of this fact.  The tale of how mankind fell from Grace is told in the third chapter of Genesis.  Many people think it's a fairytale.

The tragedy recounted in the third chapter of Genesis concludes as God Himself refers to "The Tree of Life" in conjunction with "The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil."  After the first male and female of the Soul-species had gained the knowledge of good and evil, they were removed from proximity to The Tree of Life, "lest [the man] put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever."  Therefore, the male and female of the Soul-species were driven from the Garden of Eden.  E-D-E-N means "heart of God."

Nowadays it is likely that a living Soul-in-flesh will live its lifetime on Earth and never hear any leader of earthly religion mention these supernatural facts.  In this present Moment, there is a great confusion about the Good, the Evil, and the Death that are inextricably mixed in this present world.  When it comes to unvarnished consideration of these supernatural facts, many people take the attitude of "whistling past a graveyard."  

The mysteries of Good and Evil and Death should not (now) be so frightening and mysterious.  But they are.  Why?  Because the supernaturally powerful knowledge of good and evil in the heart and mind of every living Soul creates impossibly complex questions that no ordinary human creature (no matter how gifted or intelligent) will ever answer satisfactorily.  Unanswered questions can be a fertile breeding ground for fear and superstition.  Some people attempt to modify their fears by denying the very existence of the spiritual, supernatural realms. 

It is a Scriptural fact attested to by God Himself in the third chapter of Genesis:   if God had not removed the Soul-species from its proximity to the Tree of Life, the Soul-species would have eventually gained some measure of equality with God.  Now the Curse of Death precludes all possibility of human ascendancy to any "godlike" status.  Humanistic religion, science, technology, aggressive engineering techniques and the love of money provide convenient and intricate disguises for ignorance of spiritual facts.  But facts are facts.   The present cosmos surrounding a merely humanistic awareness of existence remains a cosmos of suspense.  Humanistically speaking, no one knows what may happen in the next hour.  Death lurks in every passing moment.  Who can deny the terrible perfection displayed in the ancient Curse of Death?  One way or another, decay and Death are the absolutely certain ends of everything in the Earth and its universe.  God Alone knows how to change Death into Life.

Since the Resurrection of the Christ-man, God Himself remains Present on Earth in His Spirit-manifestation.  By His Spirit, God Himself relieves today's troubled Soul from the terrifying phobias and traumas of this old world.  While He walked the Earth, Jesus the Christ said many things about Himself and the purpose of His manifestation among men:  "Come to me all who labour and are heavy-laden.  I will give you rest.  I will send you my Spirit.  My Spirit will lead you into all truth and show you things to come.  I am the way.  I am the truth.  I am the life.  No man comes to the Father [God] except through me.  Pray in secret.  I will reward you openly.  If these things were not so, I would not have told you."

The point of interface between a living Soul and the Spirit of God is an absolutely secret place.  Jesus the Christ-man spoke at length about the necessity for secrecy between Himself and the living Soul.  Knowledge of good and evil without the guidance of God by His Spirit breeds spiritual confusion.  In the Secret Office of Prayer, God takes pleasure in giving the living Soul enlightenment.  God Alone understands The Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Without the leadership of God by His Spirit, the living Soul is inevitably lost in an intricate field of unanswerable questions.

There are many people today (living Souls-in-flesh) who refuse to submit themselves to the inevitable Sovereignty of God.  Many flatly deny that God Himself exists.  A great many indeed deny that God Himself recently walked the Earth in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth.  In His Christ-manifestation, however, God began to lift the Curse of Death caused by the misappropriated Knowledge of Good and Evil.

People who deny the Sovereign manifestation of God's Christ in Jesus of Nazareth are willing victims of  confusion caused by the ancient knowledge of good and evil.  Until this present Age is fully consummated, the perfect Curse of Death will work its inexorable decay.  Even so, many a Soul-in-flesh will go on whistling past the graveyards of humanistic vanity and ignorance--thinking only God-knows-what about the Good, the Evil, and the Death of this decaying, dying world.

This page was created on February 13th 2004.