Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

Sunrise.  Sunset.
It is impossible to over-emphasize how little is actually known of what occurs in each instant as it passes.  It is difficult to admit, finally, that the so-called "natural world" is a cosmos of infinite complexity and incomprehensible motion. 

Looking outward, there is always more to see and know.  Looking inward, there is more of the same.  What can be seen of the natural world with the naked eye appears to be stable and predictable.  Societies of human culture are constructed on foundations of sketchy information drawn from appearances in the natural world. 

Sun comes up, sun goes down.  Precisely how the immense equilibrium of this illusion originates and is so precisely maintained is, by scientific standards, a complete mystery.  The big ball of hydrogen-fire that we call "the sun" only appears to move as the Earth spins around it.

Scientists make a weak apology by offering "some day" as the time when the immensity of events surrounding sunrise-sunset will be completely understood.  "Some Day" never comes.  Illusions of the old cosmos-view die hard.  

Pretenses of humanistic, spiritually ignorant "understanding" are the greatest of many illusions now embraced as facts-of-existence.  Intricate interweaving of humanist science, technology, theology, philosophy, politics, and religion has made ignorance of The Obvious convenient. 

And what is The Obvious?  Just this:  Death is always impending.  Even though it probably won't be, your next Breath could be your last.   Studying the probabilities of when death will occur is now a lucrative field of actuarial science.  The certainty of Death is one-hundred percent certain.  The only question about one's death is When?  That's the big-money question. 

Then what?  Nothing?  People who take pride in polishing the armor of their "intellectual honesty" ought to be honest enough to admit that it isn't very honest to make vehement claims about there being "nothing" after Death.  Unless a person has "been there and back" vehement certainty about what happens after Death is, at least, dishonest.  

One man has "come back from the dead" to offer an explanation of the fallacy supposing nothingness after Death.  That one man is the Christ-man, Jesus of Nazareth.  But rather than take this remarkable exception as "evidence of things not seen" more than a few Souls have chosen to make it a mockery of mere religion and scientific disputation.  Sunrise, sunset. 

This page was created on July 18th 2003.