Reading The Bible
The Christ of God, Jesus of Nazareth is an eternal Person who "humbled Himself" and took upon Himself the form of atomic human flesh.  In this body of mortal-made-immortal flesh, Jesus did for every man what no man (male or female) could ever do for themselves.  In the humble flesh-format called Jesus of Nazareth, the eternal Christ and only begotten Son of God reconciled all of mankind with God.

Christ's Act of Reconciliation required a human life lived perfectly according to the vast, unbending Old Testament Law.  The Act of Reconciliation further required the bloody death-sacrifice of that perfect living thing.  The Christ Jesus of Nazareth succeeded in these requirements.  The sacrifice of His lifeblood now covers all decay and corruption presently ongoing in the Earth-universe.

Appropriation of these benefits by an ordinary mortal is accomplished "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."

People to-day who do not yet "hear" or "see" how the supernatural, spiritual truth of Christ's Fulfillment can be accomplished in their own lives are deaf and blind in ways surpassing powers of merely human understanding.  Modern medical science offers no hope for the living Soul whose ears are deaf and eyes blinded to the life of hope and truth that Father-God displays in this old world through His Christ Jesus of Nazareth.

The stories and reports contained in the literature called The Holy Bible are like the surface of a sea that is infinitely wide and deep.  Reading the words of these stories and reports is like gazing out over the surface of that sea.  It's vast, turbulent face is at once fascinating and terrifying.  But even so, whatever is happening beneath its mysterious surface causes the sensitive Soul to tremble with even more wonder and hope.

For 2000 years, the people who call themselves "christians" have paid lots of lip-service to what they call "the word of God."  Some of those who actually walked and talked with Jesus of Nazareth got a clear glimpse of Who The Man Is.  That disciple who was inspired to write "The Word was made flesh and dwelled among us," summed up the true cause-and-being of Christ as succinctly as can be.  The Eternal One made Himself temporal in order to rectify the anomalies of time.

People to-day who "read the bible" and complain of no certain enlightenment coming to them are "reading the bible" with blind eyes, deaf ears, and hard hearts.  Jesus Himself addressed these maladies frequently.  An old-time spiritual axiom says, "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

An ordinary mortal who "reads the bible" and reigns in their power of imagination by continually reminding themselves as they read that "none of this can possibly be true" is exactly the same as those who actually saw the astonishing works of Jesus take place and still refused to believe what they had seen.

The whole idea of "reading the bible" is to read The Holy Bible and to allow oneself the opportunity of hearing Father-God's "still, small voice in Spirit and in truth."  The words on the Bible's pages are nothing but ink to the hard heart and darkened mind of a living Soul who simply refuses to be moved by the obvious supernatural poetry reflecting from the surface of God's Infinite Sea. 

This page was created July 11th 2004