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The Living God Does Not Change.  People Do.
The people of planet Earth and the living God will not co-exist forever as they do to-day .  One of them will change.  The one that changes will not be the living God.

To-day, millions of people the world over are convinced that "god" is a primitive concept.  The fashionable mode of thought among worldly intellectuals holds that notions of "god and religion" are a passing phase of human evolution.  The worldly intellectual view is certainly correct; but not in the way a worldly intellectual might suspect.

More people than ever now think the One-and-Only Living God is a dreamy old legend.  Compelled by essential spirituality of being alive, they have taken to worshipping the moon, the sun, the stars, totems, idols, the priest, the preacher, the shrink, and everything else under the sun including their own sensations of pleasure and pain; anything rather than worship the living God in Spirit and truth. At this writing on a morning in June 2002, the "worship of god" on planet Earth is a matter of personal choice.  One man's "god" might be another man's toilet bowl.

Many modern citizens think of themselves as another kind of animal stalking the ground.  A great many people refuse to believe the existence of their own Soul.

Jesus of Nazareth entered these changing times and, alone, opened a portal into the Eternal Kingdom.  Prior to the adventure of Christ, the door between Earth and Heaven had been closed.  Nothing of any religious kind could open it.  What God shuts stays shut.  What God opens cannot be closed until God closes it.  Whatever God allows to happen on Earth will continue to happen until God terminates His allowance.

Through all the changes this old world has endured, God Himself has never changed:

"I take no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked.
Turn to me.  I will turn to you.
I am the truth.  I am the way.  I am the life.
No man comes to the Father except by me.
When you have seen me, you have seen the Father.
Without me, you can do nothing."

This changing world is a complex of pleasure, pain, terror, and brutality.  The delights and horrors of good and evil surround us.  Lots of people strive against the changing world in the pride of their own brute strength and intellectual capacity.  The LORD of hosts says, "Not by might.  Not by power.  By my Spirit."

Folks who strive in their own failing strength may be famously successful or abject in failure.  Either way the day of their Death is certain; and then their whole world changes:  instantly, completely, and forever.

Atheists are certainly correct when they say the only absolute certainty in this world is the certainty of change.  But as with so much else that issues from the generations of godless humanity, the atheists are only half-right.


This page was created on June 2nd 2002.

Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist