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Politics and God
In modern global politics, the great wealth and military power of the United States is reassuring to some and a cause for alarm to others.  Lost in modern "political dialogue" is the supernatural fact that almighty God (yes, that God) Himself inspired the writing of the United States' Constitution.   The living God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses "put His laws in the minds and wrote His laws in the hearts" (Hebrews 8:10) of those who have consented to live under that Constitution since the day it was signed in September of 1787.

No other people during the human run through time-and-space have ever existed in the way citizens of the United States exist today.  Other Nations marvel that so many different kinds of people have been able to produce 200+ years of deeply individualized expressions-in-freedom without imploding nationally.  Today, there are many who wonder, "How long can this dream last?"

A certain correlation occurs in a human life when the Soul living that life on Earth is inspired to action by the words of Hebrew/Christian Scripture in a way similar to the inspiration experienced by those who Framed the Constitution.

At this moment, there are many people in the United States who believe Hebrew/Christian Scripture is a fantastic mythical allegory and that the Constitution of the United States is an "organic document" that must "evolve" to fit the whims of cultural fashion.  People who think along those lines have been common to the human condition since the beginning of time.  The words in both documents (Scripture & Constitution) are nothing more or less than ink-on-paper.  It's what those words stand for in the minds and hearts of citizens today that will determine their individual destinies and the destiny of their Nation.

No nation or person can survive when the virtue of truth becomes a convenience of human enterprise and is not known as a supernatural element and power of life-itself that originates from and concludes in the Presence of God. 

This page was created on August 31st 2002.