"Outrageous Confessions from A Regenerated Dead Man."
Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

Refusing ideas of "religion" 
and godless intellectualism.

Lots of people use the fact that The Holy Bible is a book made of ink and paper to help themselves believe the lie of believing that what The Book says is not true.  Here's how rationale of this popular lie sounds:  "Mankind (male and female) is corrupt.  Everyone tells lies to gain advantages for themselves.  The Bible was written and put together by men  to gain an advantage over other men by employing the  god-concept.  Scientifically speaking, there is at least a 50/50 chance the Bible is a fabrication because, so far, no one has ever actually seen the 'god' described in the Bible.  Why should I bother with information that probably isn't true?"

From the cradle to the grave, human creatures strive against the great  mystery of being alive.  In some people, the innocent wonderings of childhood, and the hard, haughty questions of youth and middle age, and the musings of old age never get beyond genuine agnosticism and pretended apathy:  the Congregation of I-Don't-Know and I-Don't-Care.

But 'waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay  down deep, there's a steady stream of questions.  The hardest questions are kept secret and hidden away.  With rare exception, young children learn soon enough not to bother mommy and daddy with too many hard questions.  Mommy and daddy don't like being embarrassed.

Even though many people may believe otherwise, the sense of one's self cannot be measured in physical terms.  "Getting in touch with yourself" is a sweet little prevarication people use to gloss over the tremendous mystery of being alive.  No one of mankind (male or female) can "get in touch with themselves" because no one on Earth knows where the self-identity is found.  In a finger?  In the eyes?  In the brain?  Behind the right ear?

The immeasurable living Soul gives an atomic body of human flesh its unique identity.  But the living Soul is a spiritual entity and cannot be inspected by any method of human investigation.  And so, in this so-called scientific age, a great many people have taken to embracing the lie of there being no such thing as "the soul."

Even now perhaps there is another Soul learning to articulate the lies necessary for denial of its own existence.  Once that's done, the leap to an outright denial of almighty God isn't so far-fetched.

Sure enough, The Holy Bible makes a graphic account of the hopes and horrors of the living Soul on Earth.  Sure enough, there is plenty of foul-play surrounding the stormy history of The Book in this old world.  

Even so, the Bible describes a new world to come and a new way of living that has no parallel in any other literature.  And on top of that, there are numerous prophecies.  To this day, not one of them has failed.

People who espouse godless intellectualism as a viable way of life are fond of pointing out that the natural processes of evolution are gradual and changes in living organisms take place over long periods of time.  The fact that the mysterious characteristics of time itself are natural things is hardly mentioned.  According to the laws of evolutionary theory, every natural thing must evolve or become extinct.  And of course, time itself must be ruled by those laws but no one can imagine what course the evolution of time might take because no one has ever "seen" time.    

In His Christ-manifestation, God made demonstrations of His power over every natural thing in this old world.  After reviving His three-days'-dead body of atomic flesh, the Christ-man would, by His will, "vanish from their sight" and "appear in their midst."  Presto!  But even with the advances of present day modern science to prove such actions are at least possible, many do not believe The Bible tells honest facts about Jesus of Nazareth.  

God Himself walked the Earth as a man and proved that time and space and the contents of them both are tools in His hands. He demonstrated His command and control over all Souls and all spirits:   good and evil spirits that exist in realms beyond the perception of the five senses.  Some people call it  supernatural

Jesus of Nazareth was (and is) God-incarnate.  He illuminated the Soul-corruption caused by the sweet little prevarications and outright lies that people continue to tell themselves about how things are and how life is

Jesus of Nazareth said, "I am the life.  I am the truth.  I am the way.  No man comes to the Father except by me."  Jesus of Nazareth, i.e., God Himself, is the beginning and the end of every thing in this old world.  Ever since Jesus said what He said and did what He did, people have had a free choice to believe it or not.  

Lots of people would like to believe it but, damn!  Have you seen those strange folks who perspire heavily and cry "for Jesus" on television?  And what about the pedophiliac Catholic priests?  Isn't Jesus supposed to prevent bad things from happening?

The history of religion in this world is a sad, sordid tale.  Mankind's confusion with religious ideas about God has been happening since the beginning of time.  In the form of a man, God walked the Earth and made certain demonstrations that should relieve the doubts of any Soul's sincere inquiry.

It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out that God Himself is not "religious."  God needs no religion of any kind to be Himself.  But the religious smoke-screen of corruption and lies produced over the last 2000 years is thick with wandering Souls.  What will be the end of this pathetic religious charade?  

Jesus made it simple to understand.  Those who have more interest in their own self-interest than they do in  the facts  bend over backwards to distort the elegant simplicity of God in Christ with all sorts of religious folderol. 

The corruption of the Catholics, the wretched excesses of the Protestants, and the troubling, religious  turn of events produced by human actions taken in the last fifty years may come as a surprise to many.  Anyone taken unawares by the familiar ways of this old world has not been paying attention.  Clear out the mind-set of earthy  religion  and read it for yourself.  It's right there in The Book.

This page was created on July 5th 2002.