There Is Only One Cure For Boneheadedness
God knows precisely how a living Soul fits into an atomic body of human flesh.  God knows how life works.  If there was even one tiny little thing that God didn't know, then God would not be God and nothing would exist.  If God Himself were not in control of everything, there would be no control of anything.  "All power and authority in heaven and earth are given to me of my Father.  When you have seen me, you have seen the Father."  Jesus of Nazareth is God-incarnate.

Lots of people to-day have an idea that the starry universe of the Earth is so huge and complex, it would be impossible for one person to know let alone understand everything in it.  Thinking so is a common mistake because lots of people cannot imagine God Himself as a Person.  More people than not spend their entire lives on planet Earth imagining God to be some one or some thing other than Himself.

Believing lies about "god" has been a characteristic of human life since the beginning of time.  Believing lies about God prevents people from finding their true place in the scheme of things.  Lots of lies about God are pictured in this frame: 

"If God Himself is in complete control,
then why is there so much misery and pain?
 If God Himself has the power and authority to put an end to all suffering,
then why does He allow the suffering to continue?"

Such questions are posed by human creatures who don't think God Himself is a Person.  There are lots of strange ideas of "who god is" floating around in this old world.  People who embrace strange ideas about the identity of God don't care as much about God as they do themselves and their own comfort.

If God can't be a person, who can? 

How could questions about the character of God exist if there were no living Soul to imagine them?  Animals don't ask questions.  Whales, sharks, and elephants don't produce libraries of theology and philosophy.  The living Soul itself gives witness to the Presence and Being of almighty God's Personality.  The Soul quickens these bodies of atomic flesh with a kind of life that animals do not have.

But rather than face the profound simplicity of the present predicament, a majority of the world's human population chooses to dream up a million vain questions about "god" and everything else; and then fight bloody wars over the dreamed-up answers to their dreamed-up questions.

God is who He is and God does what He alone can do.  There are people to-day who think they are in a better place than God Himself.  There are people to-day who think they are in a better place than God to know and understand what is right and what is wrong.  People who esteem themselves higher than God have no true respect for anyone or anything, including themselves.  No amount of "proof" for the wrong-headedness would ever be enough for them.

God Himself walked the Earth in the man-form known as Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus demonstrated a perfect understanding and command/control over all things:  Life, Death, and the atomic structure of everything.  Human creatures now "see" the experiences of their life in three dimensions only. 

The mysterious fourth-dimension of "time" is beyond human comprehension.  God sees and understands all things in all dimensions.  He is here, He is there, He is everywhere all-at-once, always.  God is on it, in it, around it, beside it, over it, under it.  Wherever.  Whatever.  God is with it.

Jesus of Nazareth did not use His supreme power to scare the pudding out of everyone.  Jesus simply said what He said and did what He did. 

The great gift of Freedom begins with the freedom to choose.  In His Jesus-manifestation, God Himself drew clear distinctions between Life and Death.  He made the distinctions plain enough for a child to understand.

But as these words are written on a day in May 2002, a majority of the human population on planet Earth fritters and fusses over its attitudes, opinions, and beliefs.  Many bloody wars would never have happened if people were not so bloody determined to defend an idea of "god" that has no merit in fact and no foundation in truth.

Jesus says, "I am the way.  I am the truth.  I am the life.  No man comes to the Father except by me.  When you have seen me, you have seen the Father.  Without me, you can do nothing."

For many years and during the last 2000 years in particular, lots of people have been doing a lot of "nothing" while thinking that it's "something" to exist without the worshipful Spirit and truth of God.  All the proof in this world wouldn't be enough to change their minds.  They want to try their hand in a showdown-world where every man is a law-unto-himself.  Their day is approaching.  God Himself will oblige their blasphemous desires.


This page was created on May 21st 2002.