In Spirit and In Truth
In the fourth chapter of John, God-incarnate declares Himself openly to a Samaritan woman who had come to draw water from Jacob's well.  In His talk with this woman, the Christ-man explains how a new order of worship is  to be carried out "in Spirit and in truth."  

With a few words, God Himself annulled geographical places of "worship" on planet Earth.

The present confusion of "religion" in this world makes it next-to-impossible for a person to comprehend that  "the living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob" actually did produce a manifestation of Himself in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth.  In His Jesus-manifestation, God told everyone on Earth the unadorned facts of how things are between Himself and humanity.  Two-thousand years have passed and people are still debating whether or not Jesus of Nazareth "really was the Son of God."

The pure, audacious bravery of God in the Christ-man is a definite affront to the vanity of man-kind.  Organizations and institutions of "religion" give aid and comfort to human vanity.  "Doing god's work" is now an epithet.  Religious organizations everywhere are suspect.

God Himself made a way for Himself to dwell with man-kind.  It is a lively way of interface; bought with blood.  "This is the new testament of my blood which is shed for you."  This way, along with "worship in Spirit and in truth" is the way for a person to establish a relationship with almighty God.  The simplicity of God's way in His Christ-manifestation should not be confused with theologies, philosophies, laws, doctrines, and rituals of "religion."  God is not religious.  God is God.

Jesus spoke about the secrecy of prayer.  His command regarding prayer is simple and quite pointed:  "Pray in secret."  The secrecy of prayer and confession is broken when a person confesses to anyone (or any thing) other than the living God in the name of His Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.  Human stubbornness, willing ignorance, and the self-serving confusion of "religion" are an unholy trinity preventing many a yearning Soul from taking up "the way, the truth, and the life" of God in His Christ-manifestation.  

People now are free to choose whatever form of "worship" they like.  Human existence is an experience of inevitable, unavoidable, irrevocable choices.  Choice without consequence is an impossibility.

This page was created on May 17th 2002.