Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

There is a commotion of evil disturbing every instant of a living Soul's experience on planet Earth.  Atomic flesh is subject to the power of this evil.  The supernatural power of evil afflicting the Soul-in-flesh is  "the darkness of the world"  referenced often by Jesus of Nazareth.  Many choose to deny the existence of this spiritual darkness.

Human life on planet Earth is increasingly sinister.  The old device of sophistry is used to distract unwary Souls and disguise the acceleration of evil.  Plausible arguments explain why "good and evil" are not supernatural powers.  Humanistic theories of morality and ethical behaviour help lots of people "feel good about themselves."      

The Christ of God established "the new testament of His blood" in this old world.  This new testament is now expressed by God-in-His-Christ-Spirit wielding supernatural authority and power required to rescue a living Soul from the evil attending the present existence of that Soul in mortal flesh.  The Soul cries out,  "Who shall deliver me from the body of this death!"   The answer to that question is:  God in Christ by His Spirit.  There is nothing "unsophisticated" about facing supernatural facts.  Spiritual ignorance disguised as worldly "sophistication" is an old pair of goat-horns worn proudly by more than a few modern citizens.  

This page was created on July 15th 2002