Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist:
Beyond Human Logic
The atomic flesh of a living Soul's mortal body on Earth is corrupt, cursed with Death and bound for destruction.  Flesh-death has been a part of living on Earth for so long, most people think it has always been so.  Nowadays when questions about the absolutely supernatural characteristics of Life and Death are raised, most people try to change the subject.  

The supernatural character of Life Itself is downplayed in to-day's world.  There are lots of people to-day who take pride in denying the existence of their own immortal Soul.  This denial of Life in its most essential form is evidence of how effective Satan's first lie has been.  "The knowledge of good and evil will make a god of you."  A little god of flesh that shrivels away in time.

Secular leaders and secularized citizenry of the modern world's "advanced cultures" do not like to think there is anything beyond the control of their bureaucracies, their money, their institutions, and their machines.  Add to this global delusion the evil treachery and betrayal of "religious leaders."  It's a recipe for misery and living on Earth becomes an exercise in spiritual disaster.  Spiritual disaster in the heart and mind of a living Soul equals natural disaster on the ground.  The exponential effect of spiritual perversion in the lives of many is now being seen with increasing frequency.

God Himself stepped down from His eternal throne and walked the Earth as a man.  That man is Jesus of Nazareth.  The racial and religious profile of Jesus are historically unquestionable.  What is questioned to-day is His Sovereignty as the Christ of God.  To prove His Sovereignty and His power, Jesus of Nazareth said things and did things that are unique in all of human history.  

No one in the history of this world except Jesus of Nazareth says:  "I am the truth.  I am the way.  I am the life.  No man comes to the Father except through me.  When you have seen me, you have seen the Father."  The implication of such talk goes light-years beyond the rituals and traditions of any earthly "religion."  What is "religious" about Life Itself? 

Only God Himself knows which instant of a Soul's impertinent denial will be the moment when that Soul's final destruction begins.  Nobody lies to God.  No Soul can lie to itself about God forever.  The truth is not a list of objective facts.  The truth is a living man.  That man's name is Jesus:  Jesus of Nazareth.

This page was created on June 10th 2002.