Human language is imprecise.  The meaning of words changes from ear-to-ear.  Communication between human beings is more refined than the grunts, growls, squeaks, roars, clicks, hums, and chirps of the beasts.  But human communication is far from perfect.  Say the word "red" and ten different people might envision ten different things:  red light, red ball, red herring, red-hot, red apple, red-letter, red-baiting, red-line, red-handed, red dress.

In this old world they say "the meaning of meaning" is the province of philosophy and higher learning.  But philosophy and higher learning are specialized and difficult.  In a perfect world, perhaps everyone would be thoughtful and deep like Plato and Aristotle.  But life on planet Earth is not perfect.  Most folks are content to live their lives without thinking too much about what they "know" or why they "know" it.

Questioning causes stress.  Questions put a load on a person's mind.  The stress on a questioning mind is relieved by "answers."  A curious child is full of questions about everything.  At first, most of the child's questions are easily answered.  But if the child grows up without ever outgrowing the habit of asking questions, answers to his grownup questions are more difficult.

In fact, it is now becoming clearer and clearer that, in the grownup-world, there are no conclusive answers for much of anything.  Especially not for any of the really big questions like, "Who made the Sun?  Why am I here?  What is the meaning of life?"  From a strict scientific perspective, nothing in this old world can be fully explained or "answered for."  Scientific precision holds up well enough if a person doesn't ask too many questions.  Asking a scientist why the life-supporting component of the air is called "oxygen" leads into a circle of questions where no answer is entirely satisfactory.

Human language is imprecise.  The meaning of every word in every human language changes from ear-to-ear.  Asking why this is so is like asking why the sky is blue or why the Earth doesn't crash into the Sun.  Humanistic explanations for anything amount to the blind leading the blind.  Without the irreligious enlightenment of God through His Christ-Spirit, the proponents of a godless universe and their followers are headed for a deep ditch.

This page was created on January 24th 2003.