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The Power of Reason
In a relatively short period of time (approx. 500 years) the power of reason has freed great numbers of people from primitive fears once induced by the silent majesty of an overwhelming universe.  

Today, the power of reason rules the lives of many citizens in the secular cultures of the West.  In Western Civilization, the power of reason has grown so powerful, many people use it to refute the immutable facts of being human.  How many people deny the supernatural certainty of their own living Soul?  More than a few?  

Following the religiously inspired catastrophe of 11 September 2001 the power of reason is focused on "religion."  In this context, there is a consensus between more than a few "reasonable people" who think all religion is primitive; that all religion is the resort of weak-minded, unenlightened dupes.  There are more than a few "reasonable people" who believe one religion is no better or worse than another.  The shaman, the witch, the warlock, the Shinto priest, disciples of Satan, disciples of Christ, worshippers of Yaweh, followers of Mohammed, devotees of Buddha, and the active atheist are (it is said) religious peers among religious equals.  

The naturalistic view of humanity says notions of "god" have evolved from a primitive past when people worshipped the constellations, the sun, the moon, animals, fire, water, stones, trees, and, occasionally, each other.  In a modern scientific view of the infinite cosmos, citizens should be enlightened beyond primitive ideas that place an almighty "spirit-god" as creator and perpetuator of the universe and life on Earth.   Today, the scientific/humanistic view of "reason" sets up the power of reason as the highest and best of all the powers known to man.  

This modern deification of reason threatens the evolution of spiritually enlightened thought.  Progress in the cosmos of reasonable conjecture should not displace rigorous and discriminating thought with regard to the spiritual facts of existence.  Giving the power of reason deified standing above all the other powers available to humanity is no different than stooping to worship the moon, or a stone statue, or attempting to divine portents of military conquest in the guts of a chicken.  

There never has been nor will there ever be anything particularly "religious" about the living God, His Christ, or His Spirit.  Reasonable people ought to make a thoughtful study of the Christ's condemnations of humanistic religion and step away from streams of thought-conformity that have already drawn more than a few new-age thinkers into their maelstrom. 

This page was created on December 1st 2002.