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Atomic Facts
The strongest, most important bit of scientific information known to man is that "atoms" are not (REPEAT, ARE NOT) solid particles.  The strength and importance of this information cannot be overstated.  The importance of beginning to comprehend the ephemeral character of the visible world cannot be overemphasized.  And yet more people than ever are going through their lives believing that "atoms" are like tiny grains of sand from which the shape of the natural world is sculpted by the unseen hand of "nature."  This nonsense view of the Earth and its universe is wrong and should have been corrected long ago.

A single atom of anything in this cosmos is an array of electromagnetic energy; a lightspeed whirl of fluctuating motion.  Scientists say there are two fields of energy contributing to atomic motion.  One field is positive (+).  The other is negative (-).  In ways that remain mysterious to this day, different groupings of a few elementary atoms of positive and negative energy have been arranged to produce the world we see around us.

For nearly one-hundred years now, scientists have known that "atoms" are not solid particles.  And during that hundred years, physicists have continued to study the electromagnetic structure of the "atom." And even though their tools for studying atomic structure are more powerful than ever, honest physicists will admit there are no ends to the mysteries contained in the orbital fizz of these unimaginably small electromagnetic structures.  There is always something more to learn about the "atom."    

For the greater part of one-hundred years, scientists have called the atom "the building block of the universe."  Using words like "building block" gives a mistaken image of something solid and unshakable in the atomic constructions of nature.

While it is a fact that the tangible, visible world certainly does give the appearance and experience of firm solidity, it is also necessary to (somehow) comprehend that the foundational structure of this old world is extremely tenuous, iffy, uncertain, and not-solid.  The foundations of the Earth and its universe are made of pure energy.  Scientists call this energy "atomic."

The so-called "natural laws" of the Earth and its universe are in place for now and no man can change their perfect order.  Scientists have always marveled at the perfection of the "laws" they see at work everywhere in nature.  But where, for instance, is the Law of Gravity written?  Certainly not in any book written by the hand of man.   After the dust of scientific speculation settles, scientists are no more certain about the inner-workings of "gravity" than they are about the "atom."

Things are as they are.  Mankind drifts and wonders and dreams on the surface of an infinitely deep, wide, and high sea of information.  In this old world, this in-formation is currently expressed in the form of so-called "atomic" structures. 

"A-t-o-m" is the name early Greek philosophers and modern scientists have assigned to the bits of pure energy from which this old world is constructed.  In Hebrew/Christian Scripture, these forms are referred to as "the dust of the Earth."  Words like "building-block," "particle," and "dust" are inaccurate and misleading when used in reference to the so-called "atom."

Based on modern scientific research and discovery, it would seem that the best way to think of an "atom" may be to think of it as a glowing field of pure energy.  Thinking so may change the being of the Thinker.
This page was created on May 19th 2003.
Update:  19 November 2004