Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

Troubling Infinities
Every object that "dies" is made of atoms.  In recent research, discoveries about the nature of atoms have confounded the best scientific minds.   In fact, scientists have discovered that atoms in their essence aren't particles at all.  Atoms are composite waveforms of pure energy that, under certain conditions, might resemble a particle.

Scientists work hard to discover all there is to know about atomic particles.  Scientists think atomic structures hold the secret of life.    But the secret of "life" remains hidden from them.  And scientists go on hoping for another breakthrough that will help them better comprehend how everything fits together. 

Atomic particles cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Neither can they be "felt" as they careen about in their unpredictable paths.  Human beings arenít quick enough to sense the atomic flux transpiring in the universe that surrounds them.  A roaring storm of atomic energy is swirling and blazing in-and-around us but we donít see or feel any of its violence.  The atomic storm is another kind of nature.  The electromagnetic storm surges but its elements are beyond the sense of human perception.  We stand in a silent field and wonder when it might rain.

In 1998, through a process of astrophysical analysis called "red-shift" scientists discovered that every atomic thing in the universe, i.e., galaxies, planets, asteroids, comets, dark matter:  all of it is speeding up, flying apart and away from itself.  Controversy stirred up by this discovery is still going hushed tones. Hardly mentioned is the fact that the mysterious and (scientifically) unaccounted for acceleration in the universe also includes every person living on planet Earth today.  We're all going faster and faster but no one can feel any acceleration in the way "speed" is normally felt. 

What can these things mean?

There is more and more talk in modern life about the short supply of, and increasing demand for "time to get things done."  There are mysteries in this aging world that lead to considerations of spiritual, supernatural questions.   In the minds of many people such questions are out of the question; even as the Soul-traveler housed in his little temple of flesh hurtles toward an exquisitely terrifying moment of atomic Death.  

This page was created on April 29th 2001