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Refuting The Bitch-Life Doctrine
Any endeavour undertaken by any member of the adam-species proceeds by only one of two ways.  One is the way of Life.  The other is the way of Death.  God Himself established the properties of these two directions.  God Himself has given every living Soul the ability to distinguish and choose between the two.

Since the beginning of time, every instant of living on Earth has been an amalgamation of Life and Death.  Every living Soul who passes through time on Earth has experienced the anguish and terror of Death right along with the pleasures and delights of Life.  This experience is a plain, supernatural fact of living:  but any understanding of this superb dichotomy in experience is lost on more than a few.  More than a few living Souls of the adam-species spend their entire time on Earth denying the supernatural facts of their own existence.

Almighty God created the living Soul to be a free spirit within the realm of His eternal kingdom.  Freedom and the use of Freedom is the primary distinction between the adam-kind and the animals.  Godless intellectualism and science have recently (in the last 500 years) made it fashionable for people to think of themselves as "another kind of animal" instead of what they are:  a living Soul housed in a decaying body of atomic flesh.

While it is true that the human body of atomic flesh displays a number of animal characteristics, the Breath of God, i.e., the living Soul, is a dimension of being that animals do not possess.  More than a few terribly intellectual people are now passionately opposed to any notion of the adam-kind's Soul-distinction.  To acknowledge the living Soul demands submission to the living God.  More than a few won't make that Leap.

During the last 500 years, godless intellectualism and science have produced many devious arguments to support theories of a godless universe.  These arguments are utterly hopeless.  But along with the theologies, philosophies, and scientific theories that support them, notions of a godless universe have found fertile accommodation in the lives of many.

Perhaps it is the very existence of death that gives rise to notions of a godless universe.  What's the use of doing anything?  Why try to accomplish anything?  Everyone is dying.  Everything returns to dust.  Why bother?  "Life's a bitch and then you die." It's a damned-pitiful bit of bumper-sticker logic resulting from 500 years' worth of carefully nurtured intellectual godlessness.  People who embrace the bitch-life doctrine hardly (if ever) stop to wonder why they bother to get up and go to work.  And anyone who does happen to search for a meaningful purpose in life on Earth will be met first with arguments built on economic necessity supported with a lot of fuzzy logic about "the indomitable spirit of man."  

Supernatural or not, facts are facts.  And the plain fact is that there is no such thing as "the spirit of man."  There is only the Spirit of God Himself.  By His Spirit almighty God creates all things including every living thing which includes the immeasurable living Soul.  There is nothing particularly religious in beginning to understand the supremacy and Sovereignty of God.

If a reasonably intelligent person thinks about the proposition which regards "the indomitable spirit of man" as cause enough to be "happy" in this present world of miserable, stinking death, then a reasonably intelligent person should begin to understand the fallacy of the proposition. 

Humanistic notions of legacy, inheritance, and dynasty appeal to the living Soul's legitimate desire for eternal life.  With enough money, a wealthy man can legally extend his power beyond the grave.  But for how long?  Lots of humanistic law and hardware have been produced to prop up the godless world of temporal fortunes.

The ancient ruins of ancient kingdoms prove the hopelessness of temporal power.  In the days of Moses, everyone knew the Pharaoh.  After Moses deserted the Pharaoh's palace, not much of anyone remembered or cared about Moses.  Everyone thought Pharaoh's dynasty over Egypt would pass forever (as it was said) from the father to the son.  Five-thousand short years later, hardly anyone on Earth remembers that Pharaoh's name. The majestic artifacts of the mighty Pharaoh-dynasties are crumbling in the dust.

On the other hand, there is hardly a Soul on Earth who has not heard the name of Moses.  To the day of this writing in June 2002, the whole world wonders about the Ten Plagues that almighty God brought down on Egypt through the hand of Moses.  Wondering and understanding are not the same.  Lots of people wonder.  Few understand.  Logical, reasonable, scientific denial of almighty God has been the default position of the living Soul-in-flesh since the beginning of time.

The "image and likeness" of God in the adam-species includes the gift of Freedom.  God's gift of Freedom makes everyone free to choose the way of understanding or choose believing lies and pretend to have understanding.  The gift of Freedom is first (and always) exercised in the act of choosing between one thing and another.  Believing lies and inventing more lies to believe enables more than a few citizens of this old world to excuse themselves from their reasonable service to God "in Spirit and in truth."  A great many ideas and notions in the rituals and traditions of humanistic religion are godless.  Man-made worship won't make the cut in the world to come.

Until the end of time arrives, almighty God will employ the supernatural power of lies and the miserable fear of Death as a means of dividing the sheep from the goats of His human flock.  The way of life is to be found in the recent emanation God made of Himself in His Christ.  The "truth" is not to be found in a set of precise mathematical facts.  The "truth" is a living man and The Man has a popular name.  The name is Jesus.  Jesus of Nazareth.  There is nothing "religious" about Soul-survival.  It's a matter of Life and Death.

This page was created on June 27th 2002.
Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist