Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

Correction:    God Is.   Therefore, I am.
The fallacy of the French philosopherís premise, "I think, therefore, I am" appears in its disregard for the supernatural processes of thought in the living Soul.

Modern machines scan the human brain while curious scientists tickle their subjects' senses.   Scientists are hoping to get a clue of what a thought actually is.

What they are getting now in their complex investigations is evidence of a thoughtís fleeting presence but no trace of the thought itself.

If a clever scientist ever captures one sweet thought of a Motherís love for her children and puts that single living thought on display under glass, that scientist will win every prize and be crowned the greatest of all scientists.

Thoughts are part of a living Soulís eternal existence and, like every living Soul, thoughts exist in a realm apart from the decaying atomic universe. Like Jesus said, "You are in the world but you are not of the world."

Rule the thoughts, rule the man.  Doctrines, dogma, brainwashing, propaganda, news-of-the-day, commercial advertisements, and slick-talking salesmen try to steer thoughts into their way of thinking.  Deceitful persuasion comes in many disguises. "Be wise as serpentsÖ"

There are tons of philosophical writing on the shelves that hems-and-haws about the "laws of thinking." Not much of it addresses the supernatural action of Godís Own Life taking place in every action-of-thought.

David, the son of Jesse was a poet and warrior-king that Father-God named "a man after My Own Heart." In his eloquent Psalms, King David was often inspired with portents of the Christ-man's eminent Incarnation.

Davidís Psalm #139 is the mystic recipe of, if not how, then, at least, where the subtle structures of the atomic flesh and the living Soul of that flesh originate: "...In secret, in the lowest parts of the earth."  

Davidís description of how his LORD sees and understands "my thoughts afar off" tells of an appreciation for the finer things of life that many people to-day (including many scientists) are not willing to consider.   

Many people today think without considering the inevitable priority of almighty God.   Therefore, they are confused.

This page was created on May 24th 2001