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by John L Jordan, September 4th 2011

Holy matrimony is a supernatural institution enjoined upon mankind by God Himself. 
The supernatural institution of marriage pre-dates the fall of man and the evil of death.

Secularization of civilization has set people free from the oppression of man-made religion. Emancipation from one thing led many to embrace the slavery of another: the slavery of spiritual ignorance. Spiritual ignorance is so widespread today millions of people think of themselves as atheist or agnostic without really knowing why they think so. Spiritual ignorance is now affecting the foundations of civilization around the world. 

Take for instance the ignorance on display regarding the supernatural institution of marriage.

Leaders today say marriage is a man-made institution: a political tool used to oppress women and homosexuals. Leaders across the world fail to present marriage as the covenant that our Creator enjoined between Himself and mankind. People are taught to think the laws of marriage are the same as any other man-made law. Leaders and followers who think marriage is man-made fail to see that the supernatural institution of holy matrimony cannot be changed by any form of man-made law.

In holy matrimony 2 (two) are transformed into 1 (one). One man and one woman are transformed into a singular entity. This new creation is foretold by the 24th verse in the second chapter of Genesis: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh." There is no scientific explanation for how God forms this new creature; it is a spiritual transformation and in an authentic marriage the peace & love of God are unmistakable. The happiness and peace of a happily married family is the best happiness in the world. Millions of people are being robbed of genuine happiness by the man-made rules, outright lies and empty permissiveness now applied to the supernatural institution of marriage.

The machinations of man-made religion and government have degraded the supernatural character of holy matrimony. Confusion about what marriage is undermines the stability of civilizations that once prospered under the commitment and discipline of the marriage Vow.

Today millions of people are choosing to ignore the supernatural facts about marriage. The consequences are obvious. Who will deny the progress of civilization when the institution of marriage was strong? Where is proof that degradation of holy matrimony is a benefit?

The accelerating decay & debauchery of human civilization speak for themselves. The foremost cause for this ruin is dissolution of the family. The family is the foundation of every civilization on earth. Families are derived from the new creature of one flesh created in the union of one man and one woman within the supernatural institution of holy matrimony. Marriage is the foundation of the family. The family is the foundation of civilization. When the spiritual foundation of marriage & family crumbles, civilization falls down.

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