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A (Very) Few Words About The Author of This Website

In 1982 I was 36 years of age. 

That was the year when the process of my conversion from Death to Life began.

Between the ages of 18 & 36 when given the 
opportunity to make a-decision-and-a-choice I consistently betrayed 
the common sense & common decency my parents and family lived by and 
communicated to me throughout my childhood. 

What my parents & family did not
communicate to me is that every aspect
of the p-h-y-s-i-c-a-l universe and all the living things in it
were first formed in the Mind of God and then given their
existence and their life by God's living Word a.k.a. the Christ of God.

Until 1982 the Good Lord allowed me to live according to my own desire.
Anything I imagined I could do, if I wanted to do it, I did. 
It was all a matter of choice, action & consequence; wild success,
abject failure, misery, exaltation, remorse, and everything in between.
In a word: c-o-n-f-u-s-i-o-n.

In 1982 the Good Lord gave me the opportunity to consider
the error of my ways with respect to His overarching Sovereignty &
absolutely final Authority over the existence, life & death of all things.
The evolution of life from death is the work of God through the Office of His Christ.
In the years since 1982, 
the Good Lord has given me the enlightenment and 
the time to consider and even to comprehend a few basic things 
about the genuine & authentic meaning of what it means to say, "I am."

The content of this website is the result of the 1982 decision-&-choice that I 
made with respect to the Almighty's Enlightenment of my once-darkened mind.

"Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts." Zechariah 4:6

This page was created on April 24th 2016